At Holbrook Drug, our main focus is the pharmacy area. Our pharmacy obtains a friendly, professionally trained staff that is willing and ready to help you with any questions or health concerns you may have. Our pharmacists are eager to assist you in any way, whether it be by counseling you about a new prescription, or even recommending one of our Leader brand over-the-counter items.

flu vaccines

Low or no cost vaccines.

Walk-Ins and Appointments Available.

dispill medication program

Our new program is designed to make keeping track of your or your loved ones medications easier.

diabetic supplies

We make your wellness management as much as a priority to our employees as it is to you and your family by carrying top-of-the-line diabetic supplies.

General Vaccines

Flu, Hepatitis A, Pneumonia, Shingles and many more...

Home Medical Equipment

We carry a selection of home safety and mobility products that you may choose from to make life more convenient.

pet prescriptions

Not only do we take care of your friends and family, but also your pets. We accept pet prescriptions from your vet!

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